Time for Research


As a busy higher degree research student one feels that they never have enough time to get to their research, particularly the writing part. And that other things like work, administration, committees, emails, project management, life etc demand all the time. This workshop conducted by Hugh Kearns shows how to guarantee that one spends high quality time on their research outputs. […]

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Questionnaire Design


This workshop was conducted by Dr Mehmet Omen from the Department of Econometrics & Business Statistics, Monash University. The focus was on how to design questionnaires aligned with one’s research objectives, what are the pitfalls of poor questionnaire design, become familiar with different types of questions and answer formats and to understand how physical characteristics and deployment of the […]

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Workshop: Developing a successful publishing strategy


Having a publishing strategy is a crucial component of a PhD student’s research journey. A researcher should always consider the outlets for sharing his research findings, means of networking with people and build their research presence. These aspects can only be successfully achieved if there is a strategy in place.  This workshop was an opportunity to enlighten the […]

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Workshop: Mindfulness for Academic Success

Mindfulness wooden sign with a beach on background

I joined this workshop to learn how to use mindfulness to improve my focus towards studies. In addition, the programme also can assist in reducing stress and anxiety; stop procrastination; communicate more effectively and to study more efficiently (and with more enjoyment). The session series was conducted by Ms. Rebecca Short and it was run over 5 consecutive weeks […]

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