Funding Applications (Part A & B)

This workshop was very timely and informative for me as I conclude Year 1 of my PhD studies. This is because, after my confirmation, there will be numerous instances where I would need to seek funding  from sources as a research student.

Date: Thursday 17 Nov & 1 Dec 2016
Time: 3pm – 5pm
Location: Room 7.84, Caulfield Campus.

We had the presence of the FIT ECR Coordinator, Whyte Fund Committee Member, FIT Research Services Member, FIT GSAS Coordinator and the Chair of the FIT Supplementary Funding Scheme during the session. It was very interesting to hear their viewpoint of  being on the other side of the table as reviewers of the funding applications and their expectation of good and successful funding proposals.

I will summarise their key suggestions here:

  1. Content is important
    • They advised that we should consider the audience and the terminologies used when writing the grant application. Not everyone on the penal is an expert in your area.
    • The application should be well written – grammatically.
  1. Alignment of answers to be with the question holistically and not  just answering the individual questions (structure -> logic -> emphasis -> flow -> grammar is crucial)
  2. Each project must tell a compelling story.
  3. First page is everything in a proposal and graphics & good diagrams help a lot.
  4. Content is important and so is the relationship you establish with the assessor of the grant (eg. Use of statistics to convince readers of the extent of your literature review) Passion should also be evident in your writeup. Eg. How much is spent by the federal government annually to address this issue you are highlighting and what will you project contribute?
  5. Finally, the following website was also suggested which could be a good source to locate funding opportunities available globally around us:

At Monash, a  graduate researcher can be eligible to apply for the following funding schemes:

FIT PhD Supplementary Funding Scheme

The FIT PhD Supplementary Funding Scheme (SFS) provides discretionary funding in addition to the University Travel Fund and FIT funds of $3,000 per candidature. Applications for funding between $1,000 and $5,000 will be considered. Please refer to the website for further information and guidelines.

Whyte Fund

The Whyte Fund was established to honour the role of Jean Whyte in the development of Monash University as a major centre for research and research training in librarianship, archives and records.  More details here: Whyte Fund

 FIT ECR Funding Scheme

PhD candidates are not eligible to apply, but it is indicative of the type of thing expected in a small project grant style application. Details here:

FIT Industry Seed Funding Scheme

This scheme offers between $10,000 and $30,000 to support the development of new research initiatives within the Faculty. More details:

PhD students are not able to apply in their own right, but might be involved as RAs with their supervisors.

GR Women in IT Funding Opportunities (formerly Anita Borg Memorial Google Scholarship) (Grace Hopper Celebration Scholarship)

(Unfortunately I don’t qualify for this one 😉 )