Settling into Monash University as an International Doctoral Student


The move to a new country to undertake your postgraduate study can be exhilarating, scary, confusing and life-changing. I undertook this online module that focused aims at allowing the transition to be a little smoother for an international student. Date: Activated on  1 May 2016 Time: 5 hours to complete Location: Online – Moodle Link: <GRD Online> To start […]

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Workshop: Mindfulness for Academic Success

Mindfulness wooden sign with a beach on background

I joined this workshop to learn how to use mindfulness to improve my focus towards studies. In addition, the programme also can assist in reducing stress and anxiety; stop procrastination; communicate more effectively and to study more efficiently (and with more enjoyment). The session series was conducted by Ms. Rebecca Short and it was run over 5 consecutive weeks […]

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