Monash Graduate Research Induction

The administrative aspects of the candidature is as important as the research project itself. This is where the role of Monash Institute of Graduate Research (MIGR) fits in the picture. I undertook this online module “Monash Graduate Research Induction” to get familiar with the administrative aspects, the support services and the key milestones in a PhD candidature. All these activities are administrated by MIGR at Monash.

Date: Activated on  1 May 2016
Time: 2 hours to complete
Location: Online – Moodle Link: <MIGR Online>

MIGR is the central university-wide body that administers all research degrees (Masters and PhD). They offer professional development programs for research students,  train and accredit academic supervisors and ensures the provision of equitable resources and facilities for graduate students across campuses and discipline.

They have also implemented progress milestones for research students. For a PhD student,  they will undertake 3 milestone reviews throughout their enrollment – Confirmation (end of Year 1), the Progress Review (mid-Candidature) and the Final Review (pre-submission of thesis).

If the panel deems your progress to be satisfactory, one can progress continue towards the next milestone task of the candidature.

If the panel determines that the students’ progress is unsatisfactory, they can request a revision or amendment within a revised time frame. If at the second meeting, the panel still finds that the progress to be unsatisfactory, the enrollment of the student can be terminated.

Another area covered in the module is the leave entitlement. The leave entitlement of a research student is very similar to an employee (20 days annual leave and  sick leave of up to 10 days). Additional leave may be taken but this can hinder the progress of the student. Any request for extension of thesis submission date is granted only in exceptional circumstances and only in circumstances beyond the student’s control (e.g. equipment breakdown, delays in ethical approval of research, etc.)

Further regulations, procedures and protocols of graduate research degrees is covered in Doctoral and Research Master’s Handbook.

The links within the text provide a detailed guideline and policies on Monash University surrounding the research candidature.